20 May

What Texans Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Texas is a BIG state, and we have millions of trucks and cars roaring down our roads. Fact of the matter is if you drive in Texas you need to have proof of financial responsibility. There are a few ways to do this, but purchasing auto insurance is the most common. If you don’t want to pay too much for your car insurance you should read this article.

We’re going to mention a few ways to save money on car insurance in the great state of Texas. These are general recommendations and won’t apply to everyone. Most Texans drive A LOT, but if you don’t you may be eligible to save money on your auto policy. Most insurance companies give discounts to people that drive a minimal amount annually. This will vary among insurers, but it is generally less than 10,000 miles per year. If you’re on the edge of this limit you may want to join a company carpool or take public transportation a couple times per week. Reducing your mileage could save you a few hundred bucks a year, depending on the value of your vehicle and other factors. Another way to lower your annual miles driven is to check with your employer about telecommuting. If you can work from home a few days a week it could really help lower your premiums.

If you have a family of drivers living under one roof you can save a ton of money by bundling all of your policies. Most insurance agents/companies will extend significant discounts for purchasing multiple policies from them. If you own a home, motorcycle and boat you can save even more by bundling their policies too! Make sure you ask your agent about the most price effective method for bundling policies.

If you do have children on your policy be sure to remove them once the move away and have their own insurance. It is always a good idea to review your policy semi annually. You want to make sure you aren’t paying for people or coverages that aren’t required. In the same token you want to be sure you are insuring all your goodies. If you added a new sound system to your vehicle make sure it is declared on your policy.

You will find that insurance prices vary a lot among the various insurance providers. It is important that you check around to make sure you are finding the best deal. Comparing rates from the various insurances is the best way to find the best rates. If you know someone in another state looking for the best rates let them know they can find cheap car insurance at http://1-cheapcarinsurance.com/, because they aren’t associated with a particular insurance company. The simply provide rate quotes from the top providers around the country.

Whatever you do it is important to make sure you purchase enough coverage. It is tempting to purchase the state required minimum liability insurance, but this won’t protect you if you cause a huge accident, and it won’t fix your vehicle. If you have a newer car or truck you should purchase comprehensive coverage and make sure that after market additions are covered. If you really want to lower your monthly rates you may want to consider increasing your deductible. But, be careful that you aren’t stuck with a deductible you can’t afford should the need arise. It would be quite unfortunate if your car was severely damaged and you couldn’t afford to get it fixed.

We hope that you will take our advice when shopping for a new auto insurance policy. If you shop around ask the right questions you are sure to find a good policy at a great price.

For more information about Texas auto insurance please visit http://www.helpinsure.com/auto/index.html.